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Product Detail

Saw blade for concrete

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产品编号 SCB-114

Diameter: ⌀114


Arbor: 22.2 or 20mm

Cutting: concrete/wall

Speed: 13,300 RPM Max.

Use type: wet cutting only

Use on: grinders or wet stone saws

Continuous Diamond Wet Saw Blades are a great balance of price and performance.  



Continuous segments provide clean, close to chip-free cutting

High diamond concentration & quality for extended life

Quad holes extend life by cooling blade core

Flange hole allows for inside corner cuts, clean up and notching

Designed for efficient, straight cuts on granite


Product description

Continuous Diamond Saw Blades leave minimal chipping while providing a fast, clean cut.

It's the addition of quad holes makes this fantastic blade even more versatile.

Using the continuous blade with a flush cut or quad adapter allows you to do clean up

and get into tight space such as sink corners.

Common Specifications

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