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diamond turbo saw blade

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产品编号 SMB3-105,SMB4-105

Diameter: ⌀105


Arbor: 22.23 or 20mm

Cutting: Granite/marble

Speed: 13,300 RPM Max.

Use type: wet cutting only

Work with: grinders or wet stone saws


Turbo Diamond Saw Blades are a great balance of price and performance.  



·  Closely spaced segments provide clean, chip-free cutting

·  High diamond concentration & quality for extended life

·  Cooling holes extend life by cooling blade core

·  Flange hole allows for inside corner cuts, clean up and notching

·  Designed for efficient, straight cuts on granite


Product description

Turbo Diamond Saw Blades leave minimal chipping while providing a fast, clean cut.

It's the addition of quad holes makes this fantastic blade even more versatile.

Using the Turbo Blade with a flush cut or quad adapter allows you to do clean up

and get into tight space such as sink corners.

Common Specifications

Model No.SizeBoreCutUse type
SMB3-105Φ105×10W×1.3T20/22.23mmmicrolite/ceramicwet /dry
SMB4-105Φ105×7W×1.4T20/22.23mmmicrolite/ceramicwet /dry