Diamond Core Drill Bit For Stone Wall
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Diamond Core Drill Bit For Stone Wall

Product description: 
1-Universal wet or dry drilling core bit.
2-High effciency, long life and no breaking of segments.
3-Applicable for drilling of stone, concrete,wall brick...
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Model: DCB-16,DCB-20,DCB-25,DCB-32,DCB-35,DCB-38,DCB-50

Use type: dry use

Application: stone

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Model No. Inches Size(mm) Features
DCB-16 5/8" ⌀16*2.5*10(continuous) stone
DCB-20 3/4" ⌀20*2.5*10 (continuous)
DCB-25 1" ⌀25*2.5*10 (continuous)
DCB-32 1-1/4" ⌀32-14*3.0*10 
DCB-35 1-3/8" ⌀35-16*3.0*10 
DCB-38 1-1/2" ⌀38-20*3.0*10 
DCB-50 2" ⌀50-20*3.0*10 
Length 4"/100mm core bit with M14 or 5/8"-11adeptor

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