Diamond Wide Turbo Blade for Granite Sandstone Concrete
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Diamond Wide Turbo Blade for Granite Sandstone Concrete

Product description: 
1-Widely used for cutting and non-destructive grooving on granite sandstone concrete, on manual cutting machine.
2-Sharper with better result.
3-Suitable for quick dry or wet cutting.
  • Little Ant
  • WTB-*

The design of protection segments provides more effective protection of body and teeth.

Sutable for dry or wet cutting.

Model No.: WTB-105   WTB-110   WTB-115   WTB-125    WTB-150   WTB-180   WTB-200   WTB-230    WTB-250   WTB-300   WTB-350

Diameter: ⌀105  ⌀110   ⌀115   ⌀125   ⌀150   ⌀180   ⌀200   ⌀230   ⌀250   ⌀300   ⌀350

Arbor: 22.23 

Cutting: granite   sandstone   concrete

Use type:  dry /wet cutting 

Use on: grinders or wet stone saws



Closely spaced segments provide clean, chip-free cutting

High diamond concentration & quality for extended life

Cooling holes extend life by cooling blade core

Designed for efficient, straight cuts on granite

Product description:

Turbo Diamond Saw Blades leave minimal chipping while providing a fast, clean cut.

It's the addition of quad holes makes this fantastic blade even more versatile.

Using the Turbo Blade with a flush cut or quad adapter allows you to do clean up and get into tight space such as sink corners.

Common Specifications

Model No.InchesSize(mm)Bore (mm)CutUse type
WTB-1054"105(4")×8×2.0×20 mm




granite / 

sandstone / 


dry &wet use
WTB-1104 3/8"110(4 3/8")×8×2.0×20 mm
WTB-1154.5"115(4.5")×8×2.0×22.23 mm
WTB-1255"125(5")×8×2.2×22.23 mm 
WTB-1506"150(6")×8×2.2×22.23 mm
WTB-1807"180(7")×8×2.4×22.23 mm
WTB-2008"200(8")×8×2.4×22.23 mm
WTB-2309"230(9")×8×2.6×22.23 mm
WTB-25010"250(10")×8×2.8×25.4 mm
WTB-30012"300(12")×10×3.2×25.4 mm
WTB-35014"350(14")×12×3.2×25.4 mm

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