Hot Best Spirl Wet Polishing Pad Less Dust for Concrete Stone
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Hot Best Spirl Wet Polishing Pad Less Dust for Concrete Stone

Product description
1- Wet use,less dust.
2- Mainly used to polish and buff for edge, inner arc and flat surface of granite, marble,quartz etc.
3- Long life span, high sharpness andgood polishing result, without color faded.

  • Little Ant
  • WP*-LXW

Flexible diamond polishing pad, diamond wet polishing pad for stone marble granite tile terrazzo limestone travertine concrete etc.

Model: WP4-LXW(3”)    WP4-LXW(4")    WP7-LXW(7")

Diameter: 3 inch(80mm),4 inch(100mm) , 7inch(180mm)

Thickness: 2.7mm

Grit: #50 #100 #200 #400 #800 #1500 #3000

Use type: wet

Application: hand polisher,portable grinder

What can I polish with this pad?

·    Marble

·    Granite

·    Natural Stone

·    Synthetic Stone

·    Concrete

Working procedure:

 Step 1: #50  for Aggressive coarse grinding

 Step 2: #100 for  Coarse grinding.

 Step 3: #200  for   Semi Coarse grinding

 Step 4: #400  for  Soft grinding / medium polishing

 Step 5: #800  for Extra polishing

 Step 6: #1500  , #3000  for Final polishing 

Product description:

Diamond wet polishing pads are used on handheld polisher or portable grinder, to polish or renew or maintain marble granite tile or other engineered stones slab or floor.  

Quantity water is added in working. The stone cannot be grinded for a long time without water as it will result in burning or pigmentation.

Actually you also can skip grits if your stones are well flat, or stop at grit #800 or #1500 when you don’t desire high gloss.

Common specifications

Model Size Thickness Grit Use type


3inch(80mm) 2.7mm #50 #100 #200 #400 #800 #1500 #3000 wet use
WP4-LXW 4inch(100mm) 2.7mm #50 #100 #200 #400 #800 #1500 #3000 wet use


7inch(180mm) 2.7mm #50 #100 #200 #400 #800 #1500 #3000 wet use

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