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  • What do you know about diamond circular saw blades?

    Diamond is characterized by higher hardness and better heat resistance, but is smaller and is mainly used to manufacture cutting tools such as saw blades. The diamond circular saw blade is a product of diamond. What factors influence the service life of diamond circular saw blades?How do you know th

  • Why do we choose diamond circular saw blade?

    For the diamond circular saw blade with excellent performance in the saw blade family, the powder metallurgy process of the blade head and the laser welding process have doubled the life of the diamond saw blade. Why choose diamond circular saw blade?How to choose diamond circular saw blade?What are

  • What is the meaning of the diamond circular saw blade?

    The diamond circular saw blade can be used to process non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, aluminium and their alloys. The material adheres easily to the tool and is difficult to process. By using the properties of diamond's low coefficient of friction and low affinity to non-ferrous metals, dia

  • What do you know about the diamond circular saw blade?

    The excellent performance and broad development prospects of the diamond circular saw blade have attracted numerous experts to conduct research, and some have made breakthroughs. It is believed that diamond tools will be widely used in modern machining in the near future. What is the cutting depth o

  • What are the influencing factors of diamond circular saw blade?

    The diamond in the diamond circular saw blade has a large elastic modulus, small deformation of the blade during cutting, and small extrusion deformation to the non-ferrous metal to be cut, so that the cutting process can be completed with small deformation, thereby improving the quality of the mach

  • What are the correct ways of using the diamond circular saw blade?

    As the hardest substance at present, diamond rubs and cuts the processed object in the cutter head of the diamond circular saw blade. The diamond particles are wrapped by metal inside the cutter head. During use, the metal matrix is consumed together with the diamond. What should we pay attention to

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