How are metal polishing pads better than ordinary polishing pads?
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How are metal polishing pads better than ordinary polishing pads?

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The polishing pad is an important auxiliary material that determines the surface quality in chemical mechanical polishing. According to the different materials, it can be divided into polyurethane polishing pads, non-woven polishing pads, and composite polishing pads. Do you know what a metal polishing pad is?


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What are the characteristics of metal polishing pads?

What is the role of the polishing pad?


What are the characteristics of metal polishing pads?

The metal polishing pad is a hard polishing pad, including a metal polishing layer and a backing layer opposite to the metal polishing layer; it is characterized in that: the metal polishing layer is formed with crisscrossing chip flutes and formed in The polishing platform between the chip flutes; the backplane layer is formed with a heat dissipation array and a groove located between the heat dissipation array, and the polishing pad also has a polishing pad that extends from the backplane layer to the polishing Layers of air channels. The metal polishing pad described in this article can be used for the polishing treatment of coarse grinding stone or metal materials, and it is beneficial to reduce the number of scratches on the polishing surface and improve the polishing effect.

What is the role of the polishing pad?

Polishing pads can be roughly divided into plane type, grid type, and spiral type according to the different surface structures. Its main functions are:

① Effectively and evenly transport the polishing liquid to different areas of the polishing pad;

② Smoothly discharge the reactants and debris that have undergone chemical reactions after polishing to achieve the removal effect;

③ Maintain the polishing liquid film on the surface of the polishing pad so that the chemical reaction can proceed fully;

④ Keep the polishing process stable and the surface is not deformed to obtain a better wafer surface morphology.

The overall structure of the polishing pad can be three parts: the surface functional layer, the base layer, and the adhesive layer. At present, the surface functional layer and the base layer of all polishing pads are integrated; in chemical mechanical polishing, the surface layer of the polishing pad and the wafer are mainly When the polishing liquid is in contact, the surface structure layer of the polishing pad is also consumed by abrasion. Therefore, when the surface structure of the polishing pad loses its function (such as grooves wear off, surface glaze, etc.), the entire polishing pad is often replaced, causing waste of the base layer of the polishing pad increases the production cost.

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