How to choose the right type of grinding wheel for the job?
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How to choose the right type of grinding wheel for the job?

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Choosing the right type of grinding wheel will help you with your next big job. Choosing the right grinding wheel will depend on the type of performance you are looking for, according to advice from experts and others. Cutting wheels need to be made from abrasives that are suitable for cutting the material you are working with and need to be bonded to a material that can withstand the working pressure. The grit grade must also provide the right combination of cutting speed and smoothness.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of grinding wheel:

1) Choosing abrasive

2) Wheel material selections

3) Conclusion

1) Choosing abrasive

Choosing the right abrasive: Abrasives for cutting, each type offers a different balance between cost, durability and performance. Let's start with four of the most common abrasive materials.

Aluminum Oxide: Versatile, inexpensive and durable, aluminum oxide is the ideal abrasive for everyday work. Aluminum oxide will cut through steel as well as softer metals such as brass, annealed iron and steel alloys. The material's main drawback is its relatively slow cutting speed - at the microscopic level, aluminum oxide grit tends to wear into bluntly rounded pieces that have limited bite, according to abrasive manufacturer Norton.

Zirconia Alumina: A mixture of aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide, this abrasive is durable and fast. Zirconia is a natural mineral with extremely high fracture toughness that produces high metal removal rates when cutting hardened materials such as tempered steel. Zirconia also has excellent heat dissipation properties, which is important when cutting thick steel plates.

Silicon Carbide: This ultra-sharp abrasive allows for fast processing of soft materials. Silicon carbide naturally has very sharp-edged grains. The cutting material microfractures as it wears, creating a new sharp cutting surface throughout the life of the grinding wheel. Unfortunately, silicon is not as durable as other abrasives - it is best suited for soft metals such as aluminum, iron, brass and soft bronze.

2) Wheel material selections

Ceramic alumina: Ceramic wheels are extremely durable and versatile. This abrasive is made by heating alumina in a kiln, a process called sintering.

Ceramic cutting wheels also have excellent refractory properties, which allows them to resist deformation under heat and pressure. And they don't suffer from material buildup that slows down aluminum cutting. Ceramic wheels had been reserved for detail work because of high production costs. But manufacturing improvements have made this abrasive an increasingly popular choice for general-purpose grinding and cutting wheels.

Diamond: The hardest mineral in the world, diamond abrasives offer unmatched durability and cutting speed. Super abrasives diamond cut-off wheels use synthetic diamond crystals made specifically for cutting applications. The shape and size of the diamond crystals in the wheel are strictly controlled to maintain consistency.

Masonry: Cutting stone and concrete presents a unique challenge. Masonry can be hard but brittle, so masonry grinding wheels are specifically designed to make smooth cuts without breaking the edges of stone products and creating jagged burr edges. Diamond is the most common abrasive used in grinding wheels.

3) Conclusion

In short, the right type of grinding wheel will provide a reliable combination of cutting speed and durability at a price that works for you. Sometimes you'll buy a wheel for a specific job and it's easy to know what attributes to look for. Other stores may want to have a variety of wheels on hand - you never know what you'll be cutting next. No matter what kind of cutting job you're preparing for, set yourself up for success by choosing the right type of grinding wheel.

While there are some references, it's best that you consult an expert for advice on choosing an abrasive wheel. Contact us with any questions or needs you may have; we have a professional staff available to evaluate your project and are ready to help you!

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