How to classify the diamond tool market?
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How to classify the diamond tool market?

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Diamond tools refer to a class of tool products that use diamond particles or powder as the main element. Such tool types include cutting, grinding, drilling, milling, and polishing. Broadly speaking, diamond grinding paste, rolling saw blades, cold-set diamond wire drawing dies, cold-set diamond tools, brazed diamond composite blade tools, etc., are also diamond tools.


Here is the content list:

1. What is the development background of diamond tools?

2. How to classify the diamond tool market?

3. What is the development of diamond tools in different countries?


What is the development background of diamond tools?

Fifty years ago, people were struggling to find ways to change the arduous and inefficient labor in the hard and brittle material processing industry. It was not until 1955 that synthetic diamonds were successfully synthesized in the United States for the first time, laying the foundation for the manufacture and promotion of diamond tools, and also for many difficulties. The processing industry of hard and brittle non-metallic materials has brought dawn and has become an epoch-making tool revolution in human history. The processing efficiency of diamond tools is significantly higher than that of the past. With its unparalleled performance advantages, diamond tools have become today’s recognized and only effective the most difficult and brittle non-metallic materials processing tools, for example, only diamond tools can be used to process super-hard ceramics, and there are no other substitutes.

With the continuous development of the economy, diamond tools are not only widely used in civil construction and civil engineering, stone processing industry, automobile industry, transportation industry, geological prospecting, and defense industry, and other modern high-tech fields, but also in gems and medical equipment. Many new fields such as wood, glass fiber reinforced plastic, stone crafts, ceramics, and composite non-metallic hard and brittle materials are emerging, and society's demand for diamond tools is increasing year by year.


How to classify the diamond tools market?

As far as product positioning is concerned, the diamond tools market is roughly divided into the professional market and the general market. The requirements of the professional market for diamond tools are mainly reflected in the higher performance indicators, that is, for specific cutting equipment and specific cutting materials, diamond tools must meet certain technical indicators such as cutting efficiency, cutting life, and processing accuracy. The output of professional diamond tools is only about 10% of the total diamond tools products, but its market sales account for 80% to 90% of the total diamond tools market.


What is the development of diamond tools in different countries?

In the 1960s, the diamond tools manufacturing industry took the lead in realizing industrialization and rapid development in developed countries in Europe and America. In the 1970s, Japan gained a competitive advantage with its relatively low manufacturing cost and quickly became one of the leading players in the diamond tools manufacturing industry. In the 1980s, South Korea replaced Japan as a rising star in the diamond tools industry. In the 1990s, with the global rise of China’s manufacturing industry, China’s diamond tools manufacturing industry also started, and gradually showed strong competitiveness. After more than ten years of development, China has thousands of diamond tools manufacturers with an annual output value exceeding Ten billion yuan has become one of the main suppliers of the international diamond tools market after South Korea.

With China’s technological accumulation and progress in the diamond tools manufacturing industry, Chinese diamond tools companies are now fully capable of manufacturing mid-to-high-end diamond tools and have significant product cost-effective advantages. Western countries used to monopolize technology in the mid-to-high-end professional market has been broken. The trend of Chinese diamond tools companies entering the mid-to-high-end market has emerged.


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