How to maintain the grinding wheel?
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How to maintain the grinding wheel?

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For a quality grinding wheel, if you do not pay attention to care and maintenance during the use, it will reduce its service life and quality. Let's take a look at the points to note about using and maintaining grinding wheels.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of grinding wheel:

1) Choose grinding wheel

2) How to use grinding wheels?

3) Conclusion


1) Choose grinding wheel

It is mainly related to the processing surface roughness and productivity. When rough grinding, the grinding margin is large and the required surface roughness value is large, coarser abrasive grains should be used. Because of the coarse grits and large air holes, the grinding depth can be larger and the grinding wheel is not easy to be clogged and heated up. For fine grinding, the margin is smaller and the required roughness value is lower, finer grits can be selected. Generally speaking, the finer the abrasive grain, the better the roughness of the grinding surface.


2) How to use grinding wheels?

The grinding wheel must be inspected in an appearance before installation and use to see if there are cracks or damages, and the grinding wheel should be struck with a wooden hammer to make a clear sound.

Before use, the grinding wheel should be tested for rotation according to the standard GB/T2493, otherwise, it is strictly prohibited to use.

The spindle speed on the machine tool must be checked before the installation of the grinding wheel, and must not exceed the working speed indicated on the grinding wheel.

Only special nut wrenches are allowed to be used for fastening the grinding wheel, and the nut must be tightened gradually and in sequence on the opposite sides of the spindle symmetrically. It is forbidden to use supplementary clamps or knocking tools. Turn off the coolant to avoid unbalance of the grinding wheel.

The grinding wheel aperture, the grinding wheel spindle and the chuck should be in accordance with the GB4674 standard.

The newly installed grinding wheel must be idled at the following times at working speed under the condition of protective cover

The grinding wheel with an outside diameter <400mm is not less than 2 minutes

Not less than 5 minutes for grinding wheels with an outside diameter of ≥ 400 mm

The operator should not stand in front of the grinding wheel or in the tangential direction during idling.

Grinding wheels that are not exclusively used for end face grinding (e.g. parallel grinding wheels) should not be ground with the end face of the grinding wheel, and grinding wheels that are not exclusively used for cylindrical grinding (e.g. bowl-shaped, cup-shaped grinding wheels) should not be ground with the outer circle of the grinding wheel in order to avoid breaking the grinding wheel.

When grinding a workpiece, it is forbidden to push the workpiece with a lever to increase the pressure on the grinding wheel.

When cutting thin sliced wheels and cymbal wheels, if the force is too strong, the grinding wheel will easily stop and jam and break the grinding wheel, causing damage to the grinding wheel. When cutting the workpiece cannot be multiple pieces of workpiece stacked cutting, to prevent accidents.


3) Conclusion

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