The purpose and selection criteria of polishing pads
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The purpose and selection criteria of polishing pads

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To complete the polishing process, we must carry out the basic configuration. In addition to preparing the polishing machine, we should also prepare the polishing pad. There are many classifications of polishing pads, different materials, and each has its strengths. They can be used in the polishing of ceramics, silicon wafers, and other materials.


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l How much do you know about the use of polishing pads?

l What is a CMP polishing pad?

l How to repair the polishing pad better?


How much do you know about the use of polishing pads?

In the CMP system, the role of the polishing pad is very powerful. First, it can store polishing liquid, and secondly, it can play a role in transportation. If you want to ensure the quality of grinding and polishing smoothly, you must pay attention to the quality of the polishing pad. Its parameters and structure will affect the polishing effect. The function of the polishing pad is obvious. It can not only improve the brightness but also make the surface smoother, thus ensuring the beauty of the workpiece.

If you are using a flat polishing machine, the polishing pad will have a perfect and consolidating effect. In the process of polishing pad selection, we should pay attention to the following points: the first is to look at the material, focusing on the degree of wear resistance; the second is to look at the surface, to see whether the polishing pad is tough, but also to look at its roughness. The third is to pay attention to compatibility. This is from the configuration point of view. The polishing pad cannot be mixed and matched. It must be matched with the liquid to be transported, and it should also match the model of the grinding disc.


What is a CMP polishing pad?

With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry along the curve of Moore’s Law, the feature size of integrated circuits is continuously reduced, the number of wiring layers is continuously increased, and the requirements for planarization are correspondingly higher, making CMP technology more and more important in the field of polishing pads.

At present, the industry must perform global planarization for devices of 0.35um and below, and CMP technology can planarize globally, planarize different materials, remove surface defects, improve metal step coverage and related reliability, and make smaller. With multiple advantages such as the possibility of increasing the chip size and the number of layers, CMP polishing pads have been widely recognized and applied.


How to repair the polishing pad better?

The polishing pad is a consumable item. Because your product is placed in the middle of the polishing pad, the longer the middle polishing time, the more damage it will wear. In the end, the product can no longer continue to use the polishing pad. You can only choose a new polishing pad to continue your job.


In short, if you choose a poor polishing pad, it will cause surface scratches, so the polishing performance cannot be guaranteed, and the meaning of polishing will be lost. Therefore, when discussing procurement matters with the manufacturer, we must start from the selection criteria of the polishing pad to measure, the ones with poor wear resistance cannot be selected, and the ones with low toughness should be discarded! For our manufacturer, has a strict quality supervision system during the production process and will also carry out checks. Therefore, you may wish to consider cooperating with our manufacturers to ensure the quality of the polishing pad.

Hubei Little Ant Diamond Tools CO., Ltd. has developed a variety of polishing pads and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure the quality. This resin floor polishing pad has strong endurance. If you are in the polishing pad business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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