What are the types of the grinding wheel?
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What are the types of the grinding wheel?

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Also known as solidified abrasives, grinding wheels are solidified abrasives made of a bonding agent that solidifies common abrasives into a certain shape (mostly round with a central through-hole) and provides a certain level of strength.

There are several types of grinding wheels available, so when a plant selects a grinding wheel, it is important to consider the specifications of contrasting styles and their ability to handle different environments and operational challenges. I found some information about the types of grinding wheels for you, I hope you can find it helpful.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of grinding wheel:

1) What is the grinding wheel?

2) A simple classification of grinding wheels

3) Attentions of using grinding wheels

1) What is the grinding wheel?

Grinding wheels are generally composed of abrasives, bonding agents and air holes, which are often called the three elements of solidified abrasives. According to the different classifications of bonding agents, the common ones are ceramic (bonding agent) grinding wheels, resin (bonding agent) grinding wheels and rubber (bonding agent) grinding wheels. Grinding wheels are the most widely used abrasives in terms of quantity and surface, and they can be used for rough grinding, semi-finishing grinding and finishing grinding as well as grooving and cutting on the external, internal, flat and various surfaces of metal or non-metal workpieces by rotating at high speed.

2) A simple classification of grinding wheels

There are many types of grinding wheels. According to the abrasives used, they can be divided into ordinary abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide, etc.) grinding wheels and natural abrasive super-hard abrasive and (diamond and cubic boron nitride, etc.) grinding wheels; according to the shape, they can be divided into flat grinding wheels, beveled-edge grinding wheels, cylindrical grinding wheels, cup-shaped grinding wheels, disc-shaped grinding wheels, etc.; according to the bonding agent, they can be divided into ceramic grinding wheels, resin grinding wheels, rubber grinding wheels, metal grinding wheels, etc. The characteristic parameters of grinding wheels mainly include abrasive, grain size, hardness, bond, shape and size, etc. Since grinding wheels usually work at high speed, a rotary test (to ensure that the grinding wheel will not break under the working speed) and a static balance test (to prevent the machine from vibrating during work) should be conducted before use. After working for a period of time, the grinding wheel should be dressed to restore the grinding performance and correct geometry.

3) Attentions of using grinding wheels

The grinding wheel is fragile, so it must be handled carefully to prevent cracking and damage, and it should be stored on the shelf or in the box to prevent moisture. Resin bonded grinding wheels should not be in contact with alkali substances, and after being stored for more than one year, they must be tested again for rotary strength and be qualified before use.

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