What are the usages of a grinding wheel?
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What are the usages of a grinding wheel?

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A grinding wheel is a wheel consisting of an abrasive compound and is used in various grinding (abrasive cutting) and grinding operations. Such grinding wheels are used in grinding machines.

The wheel is usually made of a composite material that consists of coarse-grained aggregates pressed and bonded together through a cementitious matrix (called a binder in grinding wheel terminology) to form a solid circle. Depending on the intended use of the wheel, a variety of profiles and cross-sections are available.

They can also be made from solid steel or aluminum discs with a surface bonded with particles. Today, most grinding wheels are made with man-made composites of abrasive materials, but the history of grinding wheels began with natural composite stones, such as those used for grinding discs.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of grinding wheel:

1) Introduction to the grinding wheel

2) Uses of grinding wheels

3) Applications of grinding wheels

1) Introduction to the grinding wheel

The manufacture of these wheels is a precise and tightly controlled process, not only because of the inherent safety risks of rotating the disc, but also because of the composition and uniformity required to prevent the disc from exploding due to the high stresses generated during rotation.

Grinding wheels are consumable, but service life can vary from less than a day to many years depending on the use case. When a grinding wheel cuts, it periodically releases individual abrasive grains, usually because they become dull and the increased resistance pulls them out of the bond. Fresh grains are exposed during this wear process, starting the next cycle. For a given application, the wear rate during this process is usually very predictable and necessary for good performance.

2) Uses of grinding wheels

A wheel used for cutting, grinding or finishing metals or other objects, usually made of abrasive grains bonded together.

Grinding wheel composition.

The three elements of a grinding wheel

Grain: Very hard and acts as the "blade" in grinding work.

Key: Bonds and holds the abrasive grains in place.

Bore: Serves as a "chip flute" and helps cool the wheel.

The grinding wheel is composed of abrasive grains, bond and air holes. As the wheel rotates at high speed, its numerous abrasive grains quickly grind the workpiece to a good finish and high measurement accuracy.

3) Applications of grinding wheels

Let's also take a look at what kind of work can be done with grinding wheels.

Multi-pass welding jobs: For pipelines, pressure vessels and other jobs where quality welding operations are critical.

Mechanized Pipe Welding: For mechanized pipe welding, operators often need thinner wheels to grind the weld channel without expanding or damaging the bevel. A variety of grinder size options are available for grooving mechanized pipe welds.

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