What is TCT saw blade?
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What is TCT saw blade?

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Whether you work in the wood, metal or construction industries, you can benefit from TCT blades. They are safer, longer lasting, better quality and more versatile than standard saw blades. Available in a wide range of sizes, choosing the right TCT blade for your project is just around the corner.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of TCT saw blades:

1) What is a TCT blade?

2) Tungsten Carbide Tip

3) TCT saw blades stay sharp for a long time

1) What is a TCT blade?

All saw blades are designed for a specific type of cut. The kerf - or width of the tooth - will determine how clean the cut will be. However, the number of teeth on the blade also plays a role. Fewer teeth result in a faster, rougher cut. Because the material you're cutting is the biggest factor in determining the type of saw blade you need. Wood, non-ferrous metals and plastics require blades designed for these specific materials.

2) Tungsten Carbide Tip

TCT saw blades are designed to cut metal tubing, pipe, rails, nickel, zirconium, cobalt and titanium-based metals. All of this is possible thanks to the saw blade's teeth and tungsten carbide tip (TCT).

It is this tungsten carbide coating that allows the saw blade to cut metal with ease while ensuring a long blade life.

3) TCT saw blades stay sharp for a long time

If you're tired of wasting money on saw blades that have a short life span, TCT saw blades are well worth the investment. Generally, they are classified as a cold saw that stays sharper for a longer period of time. These blades are in high demand because they allow you to adjust the cutting speed and feed rate of the module.

It offers more cutting control than most blades and you can change tools depending on the type and size of the material to be cut. Other advantages include

Minimal burr generation

Reduced sparks

Reduced discoloration

No dust

An overflow cooling system reduces sparking and discoloration, keeping the saw blade and material fresh.

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