What is a backing pad?
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What is a backing pad?

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A backing pad is a power tool attachment used to hold and support attachments used for grinding and polishing. The abrasive or polishing media is securely fastened to the surface of the back pad by a locking disc or hook-and-loop fastener. Some types of pads have an integral drive mandrel or shaft, while others are attached to the tool's spindle by a locking disc. Back pads are made from a variety of materials, including rubber, aluminum and composite resin. They are available in a variety of sizes and specialized designs for specific applications.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of backing pad:

1) Introduction of backing pad

2) How the backing pad works?

3) Other things to know about backing pads


1) Introduction of backing pad

backing pads are used as a support for soft or flexible polishing mops and abrasive discs used in power tools. They provide a secure and pliable mounting that allows the disc or pad to maintain good surface contact with flat and corrugated surfaces. The pad also ensures maximum attachment surface area when polishing or sanding. The support discs always keep the discs flat when grinding, preventing the disc edges from scuffing the piecework.


2) How the backing pad works?

The support pad is attached to or inserted into the power tool in two basic ways. The first is a shaft or mandrel built into the pad body. This variant is used for power tools equipped with a jaw chuck, such as a hand drill. It is usually made of rubber and has a piece of Velcro or hook-and-loop material permanently fastened to its working surface. Discs and mops designed for use with these types of pads have corresponding hook-and-loop pieces attached that can be securely attached to the backing pad.


3) Other things to know about backing pads

Pads designed for use on tools such as angle grinders have a central flange or table shoulder that is mounted on the spindle of the grinder. The disc has a similar hole in its center and is mounted on the tool spindle against the back pad. The power tool lock nut is then tightened, thereby locking the pad and disc firmly into place. These backing pads are usually made of aluminum and are typically used for heavy duty grinding.

backing pads are available in a variety of sizes that correspond to the standard available disc and mop sizes. In addition to rubber and aluminum, composite resins and high-impact plastics are also commonly used to manufacture back pads. Special features, such as profiled surfaces and cooling vents or heat sinks, are often integrated into the pad design for demanding applications. These additives help to extend the life of the abrasive and protect the piecework from overheated grinding discs.


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