What is a core drill bit?
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What is a core drill bit?

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With a drill and coring bit, you can drill a large hole in a brick or block wall for waste water pipes, soil pipes, extractor fans and other similar objects. You can contact us to learn about the different types of coring bits and how to keep them straight and level. Here are some descriptions of our drill bits. Please contact us if you need one.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of score drill bits:

1) What is a core drill?

2) Cemented Carbide Drill bits

3) Diamond Core drill bits

1) What is a core drill?

As we briefly mentioned, a core drill is a drill bit that drills large holes in masonry and concrete, removing the central portion of the hole (core) as it is drilled and cut in.

There are a variety of coring drill sizes, and usually each size is manufactured to represent the size of a commonly used pipe, cable or duct, so that once drilled, the object in question can easily pass through.

Again, as we also mentioned above, there are several different types of coring bits available and depending on the object you are drilling through and the size of the hole you need to create, it ultimately depends on which type of coring drill you should use.

2) Cemented Carbide Drill bits

Carbide core drills are often the least expensive option for core drilling.

The drill itself has carbide "teeth" that surround the circumference of the drill bit. Once rotated, these teeth bite into the surface you are working on and cut into the desired hole.

Although not recommended, many drills use hammer blows to increase their cutting speed and capacity. This will eventually wear out the core bits faster, but since they are usually cheap, they are not usually seen as a major problem.

In addition to wearing out the bit faster, the hammering action also creates a lot of vibration when drilling, which usually results in the hole ending up larger than expected.

Because they are not particularly high quality, carbide hollow core drills are usually only suitable for drilling through softer concrete blocks.

In most cases, attempting to drill through denser objects (such as solid concrete) will cause the drill bit to heat up and wear out much faster.

3) Diamond Core drill bits

Diamond coring bits are a clear upgrade from the carbide coring bits mentioned above.

Unlike carbide bits, the teeth on a diamond coring bit have diamonds embedded in the teeth. Because diamonds are so hard, they grind over the surface you are working on, resulting in a sharp, clean cut.

There are actually two different types of diamond coring bits - wet cut and dry cut. Essentially, wet cut diamond coring bits use water to cool the hole as it is drilled, while dry diamond coring bits are simply used dry.

Since a lot of heat is generated during drilling, it is important to keep the diamond coring bit as cool as possible to minimize unnecessary damage to the cutting teeth. If too much heat is applied to the surface of the cutting teeth, the metal encasing them will melt, covering the diamond and reducing cutting efficiency. If this happens, the bit will need to be "repaired" to expose the diamond again.

We recommend using special tools for drill applications. Safety is always the first priority. Always wear proper safety equipment, gloves, dust masks and goggles.

Drilling holes for soil pipes, extractors or waste water pipes is a fairly easy task with a coring bit as long as you take the time to make sure both the coring bit and the drill are at a dead stop. Contact us for more information on our drill bits or polishing pad.

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