What is a polishing pad?
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What is a polishing pad?

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Polishing pads are also called polishing skins, polishing cloths, polishing pads, and are important auxiliary materials that determine the surface quality in chemical mechanical polishing.


Here is the content list:

1. How to classify polishing pads?

2. What is the role of the polishing pad?

3. What are the influencing factors of polishing pads?


How to classify polishing pads?

According to whether it contains abrasives, it can be divided into abrasive polishing pads and non-abrasive polishing pads; according to different materials, it can be divided into polyurethane polishing pads, non-woven polishing pads, and composite polishing pads; according to the different surface structures, it can be roughly divided into flat type, Grid type, and spiral line type.

The existing polishing pads can be roughly divided into two types: non-woven polishing pads and independent foaming polishing pads. The existing non-woven polishing pad includes a plurality of fibers and a resin, and its manufacturing method is to use a composite material of velvet or suede-like fibers and the resin or to impregnate the non-woven fabric formed by these fibers in a thermoplastic polyamine a thin sheet with large compression deformability and softness obtained by wet coagulation of carbamic acid ester resin. The disadvantage of this kind of polishing pad is that its softness easily leads to the poor flattening performance of the polishing surface, and the resin cannot cover the fibers uniformly, that is, some fibers are not covered by the resin, resulting in insufficient overall strength and the service life is shorter.

The existing independent foaming type polishing pad includes a plurality of holes and a resin, and its manufacturing method is to pour the resin (usually a polymer foam of thermoplastic polyurethane) into a round mold cylinder and wait to be cooled. After solidification, it is made by slices. This kind of polishing pad has higher rigidity than the first existing non-woven polishing pad, and has an independent bubble structure, and is often used in high-planarization polishing. However, the biggest problem with this polishing pad is that the resin concentration is not easily evenly distributed in the round mold barrel. The difference in temperature distribution at each position of the round mold barrel during molding will cause the size and distribution of the holes to be inconsistent. And it is not easy to control. After the slicing process, the difference in the size of the holes on the slicing surface of the polishing pad will be more obvious. In addition, the holes are not connected, which makes the polishing liquid difficult to circulate during use, and it is easy to scratch the workpiece.


What is the role of the polishing pad?

①Effectively and evenly transport the polishing liquid to different areas of the polishing pad;

②Smoothly discharge the reactants and debris that the chemical reaction has fully progressed after polishing to achieve the removal effect;

③Maintain the polishing liquid film on the surface of the polishing pad so that the chemical reaction can proceed fully;

④ Keep the polishing process stable and the surface is not deformed, to obtain a better surface morphology of the wafer;


What are the influencing factors of polishing pads?

①Hardness-the hardness of the polishing pad determines the ability to maintain the accuracy of the surface shape;

②The compression ratio-the compression ratio reflects the anti-deformation ability of the polishing pad;

③ Conservation-the conservation of the polishing pad is the quality of the polishing liquid stored in the polishing pad per unit volume;

④Roughness-surface roughness is the unevenness of the polishing pad surface;

⑤ Density-Density is the compactness of the polishing pad material;


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