What is a saw blade?
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What is a saw blade?

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Today, saws are rarely sharpened and there is little woodworking, but the question remains how to do it. Like so much of what handymen know, sharpening is becoming a forgotten craft. Being able to sharpen your most important saw and knowing that you're not just relying on buying a replacement will give any woodworker a real boost in skill and confidence. The ability to keep the blade sharp allows the saw to maintain its usefulness, no matter how long it stays in the woodworker's toolbox. The right saw blade is a critical part of a successful woodworking project.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of saw blades:

1) Introduction of the saw blade

2) Blade Types and Blade Cutting

3) Conclusion

1) Introduction of the saw blade

What is a saw blade? A saw is a tool consisting of a hard blade, wire or chain with a hard, toothed edge. It is used to cut materials, usually wood, but sometimes metal or stone. The cut is made by placing the toothed edge on the material and moving it forward with force, less often backward or continuously forward. This force can be applied by hand or can be driven by steam, water, electricity or other power sources. Abrasive saws have a powered circular blade designed to cut metal or ceramics. The saw blade is the blade on the saw. The ability of the blade then determines the capability of the saw and is important to your work project, read on to learn more about saw blades.

2) Blade Types and Blade Cutting

Most blade teeth are made of tool steel or carbide. Carbide is harder and holds sharp edges longer.

Band Saw Blades

A long band welded into a circle with teeth on one side. Compared to circular saw blades, it produces less waste because it is thinner, dissipates heat better because it is longer (and therefore has more blades to make the cut, and usually runs at a slower speed.


In woodworking, a cut made at right angles (or close to) to the direction of the wood grain of the workpiece. A crosscut saw is used to make this type of cut.

Rip Cut

In woodworking, a cut that is parallel to the direction of the grain of the workpiece. A rip saw is used to make this type of cut.

Combined tooth blade

A circular saw blade with many small teeth designed to cut plywood with minimal fragmentation.

Knife Edge

A special type of circular saw blade used to make wide groove cuts in wood so that the edge of another piece of wood is embedded in the groove to form a joint. Some dado blades can be adjusted to make grooves of different widths. A "stacked" dado blade, consisting of a chipping blade between two dado blades, can be added or removed to create different width grooves. "Adjustable" dado blades have a movable locking cam mechanism that adjusts the degree of blade oscillation laterally, allowing continuously variable dado widths from the upper to lower design limits of the dado.

Strobe Saw Blades

Circular saw blades with special rakes/knives for easy sawing of raw or uncured wood that tends to catch on other types of saw blades.

3) Conclusion

The types of blades we offer include saw blades, TCT saw blades, grinding plates/wheels, core bits, wire saws, and more. They can be used for wet and dry, granite marble and other ceramic concrete cutting, etc. You can contact us if you have any needs.

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