What is a silent saw blade?
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What is a silent saw blade?

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When using diamond saw blades, it can be difficult to separate the noise from the operation. Standard uses include cutting stone, cutting concrete, cutting asphalt, cutting bricks, cutting marble, and cutting briquettes, glass and ceramics - all of which generate high frequency noise. In this case, these end up being a nuisance to the blade user at the end of the day/job.

So, the question is: How do you reduce the noise when the saw blade is running? How can you help the user of the blade to be comfortable and get the most out of the cut? How do you get the most out of a quiet environment? Then a silent saw blade is your best choice.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of saw blades:

1) Saw blade noise can have a negative impact

2) Reduce the noise

3) Choose our saw blade

1) Saw blade noise can have a negative impact

The purpose of this guide is to provide practical answers to a question that is constantly asked by saw blade users - namely how to reduce the noise of running saw blades. The noise associated with running a saw blade and using a diamond saw blade has a disproportionate negative impact on the user and the equipment itself. The noise associated with the use of diamond saw blades can reduce efficiency. When noise levels reach around 115dB, the user's ability or potential to make a maximum effort is compromised. The result is reduced efficiency; this amounts to a waste of time and effort. You can't spend time and effort now, can you? Many users complain of headaches caused by the noise of diamond saw blades. Many studies and research have been done to determine the relationship between the problem and the noise generated by the cutting tool. Running a saw blade noise is bad for everyone's health. You must be taken care of properly. From time to time, you may experience headaches due to noise. If the noise continues for a long time, the possibility of partial hearing loss is high. This tragic and cruel reality is the fate of diamond saw blade users. Especially when there is no quick blockage of them. So, what to do?

2) Reduce the noise

There are several ways to reduce the noise of a saw blade during operation. A combination of one or two methods will help ensure that the user gets the least noise and the greatest results, which will also ensure effective use.

1、Maintenance of the saw blade motor

There are two reasons for noise - the vibration and friction of the saw motor. While there is no way to eliminate, can reduce such things, which also applies to the wave of saw blade motor.

2. Use of Noise Barriers

Noise barriers provide a solution to the problem of noise generated by blade operation. Noise barriers are also known as sound curtains, sound blankets, sound mats and other names (these three are the most popular). They incorporate sound barrier and noise absorption properties into their design techniques - which allows them to provide a proper barrier for emission barriers.

3. Use of dampers

The device uses damping slots to reduce noise. Copper plugs can also be used for this purpose. Adding damper and noise reduction collars will help to get effective use and maximum effect.

4. The use of acoustic tents

This is another technique, such as acoustic barriers, that helps to minimize noise levels. This incredibly complex technology is easy to set up and easy to adapt to any work environment. You can set up tents, take them down and reposition them in other areas of the workplace in just a few minutes.

5. Number of blade teeth

Users should choose blades with a higher number of teeth, which will also come with smaller bullets. The smaller the canyon, the lower the contact or bite with the material - this will result in less noise, which helps reduce the friction that produces sound.

3) Choose our saw blade

You may be confused about reducing saw blade noise, but that's okay, you can call and ask our staff if you need anything at all.

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