What is the use of polishing pad?
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What is the use of polishing pad?

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Polishing pads can be divided into abrasive polishing pads and non-abrasive polishing pads, depending on whether they contain abrasives; Depending on the material, they can be divided into polyurethane polishing pads, nonwoven polishing pads and composite polishing pads. according to different surface structures, they can be roughly divided into flat, grid and spiral.

  • What is the function of the polishing pad?

  • How many types of polishing pads are there according to the main materials used?

  • What is the market for polishing pads?

 polishing pad

What is the function of the polishing pad?

① Transport the polishing fluid effectively and evenly to different areas of the polishing pad;

② After polishing, the chemical reaction is completely carried out; the reactants, debris, etc. are discharged smoothly to achieve the removal effect;

③ Maintain the polishing liquid film on the surface of the polishing pad so that the chemical reaction can be carried out completely;

④ Keep the polishing process stable and the surface not deformed to get better surface morphology of the wafer.

How many types of polishing pads are there according to the main materials used?

(1) Emerald wheel. It consists of emery lines with different grits and different abrasives (e.g. corundum, silicon carbide). Its high cutting performance is suitable for grinding, polishing, deburring and finishing a wide variety of materials.

(2) Cotton polishing disc. Made of different types of cotton. With different immersion processes and different abrasives, it can be used for semi-polishing, polishing and high-gloss polishing.

(3) Hemp-cotton mixed polishing disc. Linen or cotton cloth is used, which is usually impregnated. With the help of various abrasives, a first polish and polish can be carried out.

(4) Synthetic material – non-woven polishing disc. Synthetic materials are mainly made from nylon filaments, binders and abrasives to produce nonwovens, which are used as raw materials to produce polishing discs in various shapes. Since they contain abrasives, abrasives are generally not used and are mainly used for polishing.

(5) Special material polishing disc. Special application processing.

What is the market for polishing pads?

From the long-term application of the polishing disc market, velvet cloth has always dominated. The so-called velvet cloth and polishing paste can conquer the world. But with the diversification of metallographic examination materials and the increasing specialization and refinement of sample preparation, such times are forever over. Especially after the automatic grinding and polishing machine the boost pressure, the grinding track, the polishing droplet quantity, etc. the diversification of grinding and polishing disc surfaces is particularly important. Experience clearly shows that each polishing cloth has unique properties, fabric properties and elasticity that provide optimal performance for different material applications.

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