How to use a saw blade?
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How to use a saw blade?

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Saw blade is the collective name of thin circular cutter used to cut solid materials. Saw blades can be divided into diamond saw blades for cutting stone; high-speed steel saw blades for cutting metal materials (without inlaid carbide tips); carbide saw blades for cutting solid wood, furniture, artificial board, aluminum alloy, aluminum profiles, radiator, plastic, plastic steel, etc. How well do you know saw blades? Let's take a look.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of saw blades:

1) What is a saw blade?

2) Uses of saw blades

3) Types of saw blades and their applications


1) What is a saw blade?

A saw blade is a steel blade with a cutting edge like a handsaw. While a good saw blade can make large jobs easier and more accurate when cutting wood, it's only as good as the blade it comes with. A quality blade for the right job can help you achieve the desired results, but the wrong blade can quickly ruin a DIY project.


2) Uses of saw blades

Saws are commonly used to cut hard materials. They are widely used in forestry, construction, demolition, medicine, and hunting.

Musical saws were used as musical instruments for making music.

Chainsaw carving is a flourishing modern art form. Special saws have been developed for this purpose.

The production of lumber, i.e., square lengths of timber for construction, begins with the felling of trees and the transport of logs to the sawmill.

Flat sawing: The lumber that will be used for structures is usually flat sawn (also called flat sawn), a method of splitting logs that produces the greatest yield of useful pieces and is therefore the most economical.

Quarter sawn: This method of sawing produces edge-grained or vertically-grained lumber where the annual rings are more consistently perpendicular to the wider face of the block.


3) Types of saw blades and their applications

Different materials of saw blades can cut different objects, to choose the saw blade according to the situation, if you do not know how to choose, you can contact our professional staff to provide services for you. Generally speaking, saw blades can cut many common metals.

Saw blades can be used to cut angle iron, steel plate, channel iron, I-beam, pipe fittings and other ferrous metal profiles and parts.

Saw blades can also be used to cut metal including shingles, sheet metal, pipe and steel up to 1/8" thick without burrs around the cut edge.

Saw blades can be used to cut all stainless steel, including stainless steel plate, pipe, and stainless steel for commercial kitchens with a thickness equal to or less than 1/4".

Saw blades can be used to cut aluminum forgings equal to or less than 3/8" thick, including aluminum formed parts, aluminum plates, aluminum corners and aluminum fences.


The types of blades we offer include saw blades, TCT saw blades, grinding plates/wheels, core bits, wire saws, and more. They can be used for wet and dry, granite marble and other ceramic concrete cutting, etc. You can contact us if you have any needs.



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