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4 Inch TCT Saw Blade

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  • Saw blades sharping your work

    Carbide saw blade contains the type of alloy cutter head, the material of the substrate, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, tooth shape, angle, hole diameter and many other parameters, these parameters determine the processing capacity and cutting performance of the saw blade.This passage is goin

  • How to use a saw blade?

    Saw blade is the collective name of thin circular cutter used to cut solid materials. Saw blades can be divided into diamond saw blades for cutting stone; high-speed steel saw blades for cutting metal materials (without inlaid carbide tips); carbide saw blades for cutting solid wood, furniture, arti

  • What are the advantages of the TCT saw blade?

    A TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) blade is a resharpened circular saw blade. TCT saw blades can be used for the following items: wood, some ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics. Typically, a saw blade is a toothed blade designed to cut metal. Do you know about the TCT saw blade? Here is the

  • Selection parameter standard of diamond tools saw blade

    Diamond tools are the most commonly used stone sawing tools. What are the specifications of diamond tool saw blades? Diamond tool diameter spans from 5 to 4500mm, and its thickness ranges from 0.1 to 15mm. It has a wide range of uses, many types, and complex classification. So how do choose diamond

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