How to use the polishing pad?
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How to use the polishing pad?

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At present, chemical mechanical polishing is widely used in the interlayer planarization processing of substrate wafers and multilayer wiring. The polishing pad is an important part of the chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) system. It has the functions of storing the polishing liquid and transporting it to the entire processing area of the workpiece. So how to use the polishing pad?


Here is the content list:

l What is the composition of the polishing material?

l What is the mechanism of the polishing pad?

l How to use a polishing pad to polish marble?


What is the composition of the polishing material?

The equipment and consumables used in the CMP process include: polishing machine, polishing liquid, polishing pad, post-CMP cleaning equipment, polishing endpoint detection and process control equipment, waste treatment and detection equipment, etc. Among them, CMP materials mainly include polishing fluids, polishing pads, regulators, CMP cleaning, and other consumables, while polishing fluids and polishing pads account for more than 80% of the CMP material market segment and are the core materials of the CMP process.

The performance of the polishing pad is affected by factors such as its material properties, surface structure, surface groove shape, and working temperature. Among these influencing factors, the surface groove shape and size of the polishing pad is one of the key parameters of the performance of the polishing pad, which directly affects the distribution and movement of the polishing liquid in the polishing area, and affects the temperature distribution of the polishing area. The polishing pad is also a kind of consumable, which must be replaced in time. For the polishing pad that is not replaced for a long time, the residue of the material removed by polishing will easily remain in it and cause scratches on the surface of the workpiece. At the same time, if the polishing pad after polishing is not cleaned in time, The solids adhered to the polishing pad after air-drying will affect the quality of the next polishing.


What is the mechanism of the polishing pad?

The polishing pad relies on the object to be polished to move under pressure on the surface to generate a negative pressure so that the polishing liquid initially present in the openings of the surface to be polished flows between the surface.


How to use a polishing pad to polish marble?

Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock, and its hardness, life span, color, and texture can vary greatly. Using a marble diamond polishing pad for wet polishing is the ideal first choice for polishing marble.

(1) Place the marble tile or slab on the workbench and clamp it to ensure that it will not move during grinding or polishing. If the marble is very porous, it is recommended to cover it with masking tape.

(2) Connect the backing pad to the wet polishing machine, making sure to close it before installation. Now you can start the polishing process, open the diamond marble polishing kit, and start with the 50 grit polishing pad. Stick 50 sand grains on the Velcro of the backing plate, and slowly turn on the wet polishing machine. Start the polishing machine at a low speed and start polishing the edges of the marble, and do not exceed four to five times. With lower abrasive grains, too many iterations can grind more than necessary without increasing any value of the polished surface.

(3) Make sure that each surface part is polished with gravel, and then move to higher gravel. Any unpolished areas with lower grit will result in sub-optimal gloss. A good way to ensure that every part of the edge is polished is to wipe the edge surface with a lightly squeezed wet towel and dry it. The heat will evaporate the polished water. Make sure that the entire water evaporates, then perform a round of wet polishing. After the entire surface is polished, move to the next higher gravel.

(4) Continue and use the diamond marble polishing kit to repeat these processes from lower grit to higher grit until the desired finish is obtained.


Today, polishing pad technology has been well developed. And the popularity of polishing pads is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. If you are in the polishing pad business, Hubei Little Ant Diamond Tools CO., Ltd. is an ideal choice.

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