Saw blades sharping your work
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Saw blades sharping your work

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Carbide saw blade contains the type of alloy cutter head, the material of the substrate, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, tooth shape, angle, hole diameter and many other parameters, these parameters determine the processing capacity and cutting performance of the saw blade.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of saw blades:

1) Types of the saw blade

2) Selecting blade

3) Frequently asked questions about your new saw blade


1) Types of the saw blade

Select saw blade according to the type of sawing material, thickness, sawing speed, sawing direction, feeding speed, saw road width need to correctly select the saw blade. Saw blade is used to cut solid materials of thin circular tools collectively. Saw blades can be divided into: diamond saw blades for cutting stone; high-speed steel saw blades for cutting metal materials (not inlaid with carbide tips); carbide saw blades for cutting solid wood, furniture, artificial board, aluminum alloy, aluminum profiles, radiators, plastic, plastic steel, etc.


2) Selecting blade

When deciding which saw blade to purchase, there are some additional factors you should consider to ensure that your saw blade works properly with your table saw.

Before purchasing a blade, determine how powerful your table saw is. A table saw with three or more horsepower is better suited to handle thicker blades, while a lighter saw may be better suited to handle thinner blades.

Keep an eye out for manually tensioned blades. These are blades that are precisely flattened by hand. Hand-tensioned blades offer the least amount of oscillation and therefore the highest accuracy rating.

Pay attention to the material. Premium materials such as carbide offer greater durability. While these may cost more, they require less maintenance and last longer.

Be patient when you chop wood. If you try to push the material too hard through the blade, this is dangerous and can also reduce quality and accuracy. Be patient and put the wood into the blade as fast as it can be handled.

From some of the best general purpose saw blades that can handle a variety of cutting needs to some of the best specialty saw blades for cutting notches and rip rap, view our products to see some of the highest rated saw blades.


3) Frequently asked questions about your new saw blade

Replacing the blade, cutting correctly, adjusting the kerf; read on to find answers to your most pressing questions about table saw blades.

Q: Why is my kerf wider than the blade kerf?

If your kerf is wider than the blade's kerf, it may be because the blade is wobbling under cutting pressure. Eliminate the wobble by purchasing a blade with a kerf to help reduce tension.

Q: How do I replace the table saw blade?

Changing the table saw blade is accomplished by using a socket wrench to secure the blade to the large nut on the table saw. Most table saws have a locking button or mechanism that holds the blade in place so that you can loosen this bolt. If not, use a second wrench to hold the bolt head in place while loosening the nut.

Q: How do I use the fender blade on my table saw?

Start by stacking the blade and shim to the thickness of the notch you want to create. Make sure to place the shims and chipper blade on the inside of the stack and the saw blade on the outside. Install the blade as you would a regular saw blade and adjust the height to achieve the exact depth of cut you need.





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