What is a diamond tool?
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What is a diamond tool?

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Diamond tool refers to a tool product that is used for processing by consolidating diamond (generally referred to as synthetic diamond) into a certain shape, structure, and size with a bond. Broadly speaking, diamond grinding paste, rolling saw blades, cold-set diamond wire drawing dies, cold-set diamond tools, brazed diamond composite blade tools, etc., are also diamond tools. Diamond tools are also called super-hard diamond tools. Do you know diamond tools?


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What is the structure of super-hard diamond?

How can diamond tools be classified?


What is the structure of super-hard diamond?

The three components of diamond tools:

Diamond tools are similar to diamond drill bits, diamond saw blades, etc., and generally consist of three parts: a working layer, a transition layer, and a substrate.

Working layer (diamond layer): It is composed of three parts: diamond abrasive grains, bonds, and pores. It is the part where the tool plays the role of grinding. Diamond is the subject of grinding behavior; the bonding agent bonds the abrasive grains into an abrasive tool with a certain geometric shape; the pores characterize the degree of compaction of the abrasive tool, which has a direct impact on the grinding efficiency and work quality. The pores also play a role in heat dissipation and chip holding. The thickness of the working layer of the diamond tool is generally small, and the thickness of the working layer of the diamond grinding wheel is between 0.15 ~ 5.0mm.

Transition layer (non-diamond layer): This layer does not contain diamond and is composed of bonding agents and other materials. Its function is to firmly bond the working layer to the substrate and ensure the complete use of the working layer. To simplify the manufacturing process, sometimes the transition layer may not be necessary, and the working layer is directly bonded to the substrate. For example, there is no transition layer for smaller flat grinding wheels and bakelite-based grinding wheels.

Substrate: It carries the working layer and fixes the abrasive tool on the grinder or grinder. According to different types of bonding agents, diamond tools can use steel, aluminum alloy, bakelite, and other materials as the matrix. Generally, metal bond abrasive tools use steel as the matrix, and resin bond abrasive tools use aluminum alloy, bakelite, or phenolic aluminum powder as the matrix. Under the premise of ensuring strength and rigidity, the lighter the better, so aluminum matrix is the most common.


How can diamond tools be classified?

1. Diamond tools are divided into three categories according to bond: resin, metal, and ceramic bond diamond tools. The metal bond process is divided into sintering, electroplating, and brazing.

2. Diamond tools are classified according to their purpose and structure:

(1) Abrasive tools-grinding wheels, rollers, drums, edging wheels, grinding discs, bowl grinding, soft grinding discs, etc.;

(2) Sawing tools-circular saw blades, gang saws, wire saws, tube saws, band saws, chain saws, wire saws;

(3) Drilling tools—geological metallurgical drill bits, oil (gas) well drill bits, engineering thin-wall drill bits, stone drill bits, glass drill bits, etc.;

(4) Other tools-trimming tools, knives, wire drawing dies, etc.

(5) Compared with the metal bond matrix, the resin and ceramic bond matrix have lower strength and are not suitable for sawing, drilling, and trimming tools. Generally, there are only abrasive products.

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