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Diamond Polishing Pad for Wet Use

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  • Do you know what a diamond cutting tool is?

    Diamond cutting is a diamond cutting tool, which is widely used in the processing of hard and brittle materials such as stone, concrete, precast slabs, new and old roads, and ceramics. Here is the content list:What is the working principle of diamond cutting tools?What can diamond cutting tools be u

  • How to choose a polishing pad?

    Since the polishing pad is constantly consumed during the polishing process, its service life has become an important technical indicator for measuring the quality of the polishing pad. The longer the service life, the more conducive to the stable production of the fab. In addition, the defect rate

  • What is a diamond tool?

    Diamond tool refers to a tool product that is used for processing by consolidating diamond (generally referred to as synthetic diamond) into a certain shape, structure, and size with a bond. Broadly speaking, diamond grinding paste, rolling saw blades, cold-set diamond wire drawing dies, cold-set di

  • How to choose diamond tools?

    With their unparalleled performance advantages, diamond tools have become the only effective hard and brittle non-metallic materials processing tools recognized today. For example, only diamond tools can be used to process super-hard ceramics, and there are no other substitutes. Diamond grinding whe

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